The first impression of any organization or company on any outsider falls from the front office and reception. If this experience is bad then this image becomes known – unknowingly – about the entire organization. Reception officers / front office executives can be easily seen in small and big hotels, corporate offices, government departments, hospitals, schools, educational institutions and airports.

Job opportunities for all types of industries, corporate houses, hotels, airlines, tourism sector, educational institutes, hospitals, Recreational clubs, government offices, guest houses, schools, railways, transport agencies, online shopping companies, telecom companies, media House, Publication Sector etc.


The visitors working at the front office try to calm the curiosities related to the organization of the visitors, as well as play an active role in getting the visitor’s purpose of visiting or getting the work done by the concerned department or officer. Thus, visitors do not have to wander from place to place and their valuable time is also saved. Needless to say that in today’s social media era, all the small and big organizations like to take utmost care about their image among the people. The impact of having a bad image also reflects the inefficiency of top management in one form or the other.


This course can usually be done after 12th. Admissions are usually given here on the basis of merit or selection test. This course is being conducted in many places by government and private institutions. The duration of the course can be from one and a half to two years. To familiarize the students with the tourism and hospitality industry during training, as well as the theoretical and practical aspects related to the responsibility of reception officers, hotel booking, business communication, dealing with visitors, communication skills, customer care, etc. In this, information is provided by experienced people of this industry. Not only this, during the course, internships are also sent to outside institutions.

Undoubtedly, this internship of a few weeks duration gives the opportunity to know and understand this profession more closely. This gives a solid knowledge of the area. Efforts are also made to achieve the use of computers, internet, typing, scanners and other office equipment in this sequence. Personality grooming is also an important part of this course.

Guru mantra

In this profession, there is usually more emphasis on inter personal communication. Stagnation in nature with language also requires more. The skill from removing the customer’s displeasure to solving his problems proves useful during this time.

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