Andhra Pradesh PSC

The establishment of Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission was in the year 1956 and it was on the date 1st November. Before the formation of this Commission there was 2 Commission for the state of Andhra and Hyderabad and they are Andhra Public Service Commission for the State of Andhra and Hyderabad Public Service Commission for the state of Hyderabad.

Now both the Commission has become one which is called Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission. Before in the year 1981 there was one Chairman and 3 Members and later in the year 1983 it was changed to 3 to 7 members and currently there are all together of one Chairman and 9 members.

The Commission perform their duties and responsibilities in the proper way. The main function which the Commission take care is the Direct recruitment which was under the Article 320. The other functions which are coming under the same article are which are done by the recruitment with the transfers method. The rules for the civil service and so on all the responsibilities are taken care by the Commission.

The regulation of Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission was really implemented by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. It is consideration that the regulation was fully based on the Madras Public Service Commission. The Commission performs the main function as recruiting the candidate from the state. The Commission takes care of the written examination which is the very crucial for the candidates in the recruitment stage. The written test is mandatory process because from this stage the candidates will be selected for the interview round.

Those who are clearing the written examination will be taking forward for the interview round. The oral round is calculated by 10% due to the written examination. The syllabus and the eligibility criteria are decided by the Commission itself. The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission is wholly taking care of the matter of Civil Servant. Those who are getting appointed will have the safe and bright future.

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