The firm was recognized as Braithwaite in the year 1913 as the Indian Subsidiary of Braithwaite & Co. Engineers Limited (U.K.), for the responsibility of construction of Physical Steel Works. In the year 1930 it was combined as Braithwaite & Co (India) Ltd. In the year 1960 Braithwaite’s was set up for production of derricks, foundry, equipment gears etc. The Development Unit at Calcutta was recognized in the year 1978 to implement turnkey developments for measurable supervision of plants. Victoria Works was taken above, which is furnished with all services for production of Pressure Vessels, Railway Wagons for Channels and different types of engineering presentations. The Government of India took the company in the year 1976 as completely possessed by public sector.

From the year 2010, the supervision of Braithwaite & Co. Limited was moved from Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises to Ministry of Railways. Presently Braithwaite is a manufacturing company in constructions of railway wagons, cranes, machinery etc. Braithwaite importance is to be the best manufacturing excellence and want to be the best in the world market confirming client’s demands. Braithwaite is an IT arrangement which takes care of ERP Package.

The Management comprises of Shri Sunil Kumar Rishi – Chairman and Managing Director. Finance and Project Director’s report directly to him. In adding to everything the basic value of Braithwaite have their code of principles for their moral behavior is observed, all the employees have to respect all the people which not only includes seniors but the juniors too.

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