India is a democratic country. Here a large population is interested in the election and its results. The agitation over the exit poll and results during the five state assembly elections held recently also proves this. However, the task of exit poll or pre poll survey is not so easy. This is the result of several days of hard work of a particular people. Such people are called election analysts or cephalologists. The branch under which this whole area is studied is called Sephology. The speed with which people are increasing their interest in elections, the demand for election analysts is also increasing in the country.

What is the job of election analysts?
In this field, the data and the perspective of the people have to be tested. As an election analyst, information and facts are heavily exploited in this. The pre-election figures are duly studied to check the pre-election data, vote-percentage during the election and then profit-loss, benefits from the alliance etc. Professionals also have to visit electoral areas in connection with work. If seen in a way, their job is to sweep a blurred picture to a particular conclusion. In view of the significance of exit poll results, their work is being asked everywhere and almost all the parties are showing interest in taking their services.

When I will be able to do the course?
No particular course is conducted to become an election analyst. But students who have a degree in political science, sociology or statistics in post graduation are considered suitable for this. Considering the work style and seriousness of this field, only the post graduate course in it is considered favorable. If the student has a doctoral degree in one of political science and sociology or statistics, then they are given preference. In the recent one or two years some universities have started certificate courses in Sephology, through which they are preparing teams of analysts.

– BA in Political Science.
– BA in Sociology.
– BA in Statistics.
– MA in Political Science.
– MA in Sociology.
– MA in Statistics.
– PhD in Political Science.

Stay updated with political movements

In this, it is necessary to understand the demographic patterns deeply as well as weave political figures. Also, they have to keep themselves updated with caste equations and political movements.

To be a good election analyst, it is necessary that professionals understand caste and vote polarization well, otherwise it can never come to a healthy and indisputable conclusion. Along with these key qualities, he also has to be hardworking and patient. He should also have the figures of the last few elections. Information of computer and internet can benefit him in many ways.

Limitless Employment Opportunities

In this, professionals get ample opportunities both in government and private. If the student has successfully taken the course, he will not have to wander for employment. Election surveys or research agencies, television channels, newspapers, magazines, major political parties and NGOs etc. require them in sufficient numbers. Apart from this, these people are in great demand in Political Advisor, Teaching, Parliamentary Affairs and Political Reporting.

If the professional does not want to work by joining any organization or banner, then he can also work independently as a consultant or by opening his own agency. .

Attractive salary:

There is no definite outline of salary. On election days, they serve a project specific on a thick package. While as professor and analyst, they can easily earn 35-40 thousand rupees per month. If he is working as an analyst, there are many ways for him to earn income. Your income can also be good by starting well.

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