Major commercial activities are being carried out by sea routes all over the world. This is possible with the use of advanced ships, ports and similar technical equipment created by the Marine Engineer. These professionals use the principles of computer science, including mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, in their fields ranging from the construction of water related equipment and resources to their maintenance and operation.

They are responsible for the construction and operation of ships that can withstand marine environments, their power plants including ports, oil extraction equipment from the sea or any such structure.

How to step
Youth aspiring to become Marine Engineers will have to earn a Bachelor degree in Marine Engineering from a recognized institution. Many government and private institutes across the country offer courses in it, students who pass the Class XII Science with 60% marks can appear in its entrance examination.

Students are admitted after interviews and psychometric tests. As it is not so easy to work in a marine environment, candidates have to go through a medical examination to get admission.

Some popular courses
B.Tech in Marine Engineering.
BTech in Naval Architect and Ocean Engineering.

Diploma in Marine Engineering
The scope of study increases at the master level. Subjects like Naval Architect are taught in detail at this level.

How does begin
The syllabus of marine engineering is very similar to mechanical engineering. In this, the selected students are taught to build and operate all types of ship engines and their accessories. A trained youth starts his job as an engineering cadet. Finally, according to his experience and ability, the Chief reaches the rank of Engineer. These professionals help in moving the respective licenses at the job level. As the level of license increases, the level of responsibilities also increases.

To become Chief Engineer, a candidate needs to study continuously and appear in the examinations. A little more reading is required to become a surveyor. The engineer is given good salary to keep the ship in better condition.

Job opportunities
Employment prospects in this field are not limited to becoming marine engineering and naval architects. There are opportunities for even site managers, shipbuilders, metal workers and carbon fiber technicians. There is a constant demand for Marine Engineer. Demand for these professionals has increased in traditional work such as ship design as well as alternative energy. Now the construction of such equipment and machines is preferred, which is the least harmful to the environment. Now that oil companies are finding sources of oil far from coastal areas, the Marine engineer is feeling the need to design machines that can be successful in those conditions. Marine engineering has proved to be a better career option for the youth. With increasing experience, these professionals get opportunities to take up management level positions. Some marine engineers look for opportunities in sales. With his understanding, he helps clients to plan their plans better.

The remuneration in this area is very good, which increases with every promotion. It would not be wrong to say that Marine Engineer’s salary is the most attractive compared to other engineering fields. The salary of a Marine engineer is also determined by his position and work experience. Normally a professional earns 64000 rupees to 96000 rupees per month.

What are the capabilities
Interested student should have deep knowledge of everything in the machinery. It comes with experience.

Ability to work in all kinds of poor conditions at sea is to be shown. Marines can become engineers if the youth can stay away from their family for months, stand and work for long periods of time.

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