The importance of political science i.e. political science in traditional career options can be called evergreen. This subject is a part of sociology. Under this, various systems of administration and political systems and their policies are taught around the world. In this, work can be done in fields related to teaching, research, elections and law. At present, services are being taken as political and intelligence analysts or consultants of political science knowledgeable youth. .

Courses based on this subject are available at graduation and post graduation level in almost all universities of the country. Therefore, it is somewhat correct to say that there is not much fight to get admission in other courses. However, to get a better place, it is important to move towards higher studies in this subject. Compared to other traditional courses, more opportunities for grooming a career can be achieved through the study of this subject. Students who are interested in academic and research work should try to get scholarship from domestic and foreign institutions. Through this, they will get better opportunities for teaching in future.

Job opportunities
In addition to opportunities in other fields including teaching and research work in school and college, some new career options have also emerged in recent years. Some of these are-.

Political Analyst: It can be called a very important career for experienced experts in political science. Their job is mainly to make critical comments on political decisions / government policies etc. and highlight their shortcomings. These experts, as experts, also give their views on the policies and election declarations of political parties. .

Social Media Manager: People with background of this topic are considered very useful in carrying out tasks like creating public opinion among the general public or campaigning through social media for a particular political party. This is why political science experts do not have much trouble in getting a job related to social media. .

Political Consultants: Their job is to prepare a plan to get maximum votes for the candidates in the election fray and implement them with success. This understanding develops after being in contact with the public for a long time. A good knowledge of social and economic conditions can be said to be important in this context.

Intelligence Analyst: Understanding the ideology of political rivals and making reports about them, comes under their scope. Such specialists often work indirectly. .

Market survey experts: Even big companies resort to such experts before launching their new product in the market, so that they get responses from time to time. In this way, they can not only understand the errors of their product, but can improve them in time and bring them back in the market. .

Career as a Lawyer: LLB is right for young people with political background. It is easy for them to understand the specifics of the cases. .

At the same time, there is no dearth of successful journalists in the field of mass communication who have political science degree. Such opportunities can be found in print / electronic and social media. .

What should be special in personality

In this field, we should think about making a career for such youth, who have keen interest to know about the political upheaval and current affairs in the country and abroad. A keen eye on the changing political developments of the country and a vision to understand its social and economic reasons and the ability to understand the future political drawbacks based on them can also be called a unique quality in this order. Apart from this, the ability to understand policy decisions based on facts and arguments can also be said to be no less important. Communication skills, language control, etc. are also important among professionals in this field. .

It is needless to say that political science is not a new subject. Courses related to it can also be called old or traditional. Only after tenth, political science usually starts as an independent subject. .

BA / BA (Hons) course can be mentioned prominently at graduation level. Generally, admission to reputed universities is given on the basis of merit in these three-year courses. After this, degrees up to masters and PhD can be obtained. Distance education and open schools can also teach this subject through various universities.

Premier Educational Institute.
– Delhi University, Delhi
– Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.
– Allahabad University, Allahabad.
– Patna University, Patna.
– Lucknow University, Lucknow.
– Chandigarh University, Chandigarh.

The challenges
– Jobs are usually found in private sector institutions. .
– Only after taking academic degrees up to PhD, experts can take steps towards establishing themselves as political analysts. .
– Avoiding the tag of being a supporter of any political party * is a big challenge during the whole career. One can always face difficulties in getting work due to bad credit. .
– This field can generally disappoint the youth seeking a job immediately after graduation. But career paths remain open through Public Service Commission examinations.

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