Any type of long-term stress can later take the form of depression. If the World Health Organization report is to be believed, more than six percent of India’s population is affected by this mental problem in one way or the other. If we look at the numbers, the population affected by the stress is more than seven crores. Such a large population in the country can be said to be unproductive due to mental disorder. The biggest reason for this is that such patients do not even realize their mental problem. There is also a reason that there is a severe shortage of psychologists, psychiatrists etc. in the country for their treatment.

What is the job of psychologists

Such experts try to help people suffering from mental imbalance or depression overcome their difficulties and normalize the direction of thinking. This treatment is not like medical science-driven treatment, but is done by gradually changing their behavior i.e. the process of thinking, understanding and thinking. These experts are also helpful in normalizing behavior, improving adjustment and regaining lost confidence.

Difference between Psychology and Psychoanalysis

The goal of the subject Psychology or Psychology is to analyze the decisions and behavior taken by the human brain under different circumstances. Whereas psychoanalysis is a system in which different techniques / methods are used to try to understand how a particular type of decision is taken by the human brain in certain situations, despite other options. During this time an attempt is also made to get the person out of feelings of inferiority / helplessness. During counseling, attempts are also made to understand the depression arising out of the desires and aspirations caused by any compulsions and analyze its effects. In fact, the direction of healing is determined by understanding the importance of things or memories in the unconscious mind.

The Appointments

For these, there may be job opportunities as a counselor in hospitals, NGOs, therapy centers, counseling centers, universities, schools, industrial units etc. Apart from this, such trained people are also appointed in social welfare institutions, defense sector, community health centers, prisons etc. Early in the career, a lot of practical training can be done by staying with a renowned psychologist / counselor. This profession can be learned not through book education, but during treatment of people suffering from mental problems / victims of various bad habits or addiction etc. Later your professional qualifications can be enhanced by doing other types of special courses. After this, one can also work independently as a counselor.

There are many types of jobs

You can get opportunities to work in positions like Teacher, Psychological Counselor, Career Counselor, Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, Child Counselor etc. In various industries, such people are kept in the posts of Welfare Officer. There are also opportunities for such trained people in teaching.

Guru Mantra

Soft skills are more needed in this profession. During treatment, it is very important to win the confidence and develop positive feelings of the mentally challenged people, to share their grief and troubles, to help them in solving their problems, to revive their confidence. Therefore, to a large extent, this profession is based on understanding the importance of human emotions and sympathetically eradicating the hurt on the mind from any cause or accident. Its positive effect comes in the form of new euphoria in patients and a desire to move forward in life.


Three-year BA (Hons) course of graduation level is available. Renowned institutes are admitted through the entrance examination, while other institutes enroll from the merit list prepared on the basis of twelfth marks. This course attempts to familiarize students with the theories developed by many psychologists over time. Its syllabus consists of papers based on Psychology, Statistics, Introduction to Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Vocational Guidance, Child Psychology, Behavior Science, Counseling Process, Research Methodology etc.

– It is very important to have a calm and patient personality
– Interested in thinking based on human emotions and understanding the behavior of the patient
– The passion to help people overcome depression
– Social welfare spirit
– Theoretical and practical basic understanding of human behavior
– Better communication capability
– Ability to listen and analyze patients / stressed people
– Ability to understand hurt feelings and build confidence

The challenges
– Different challenge to the treatment of a person suffering from all types of mental stress / depression
– Expectation from the family of patients to fix them soon
– Limited jobs at government level
– Often not attractive salary in private hospital


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  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra
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