Whenever you buy a product from the market, its packing first attracts us, whether it is a toothbrush or TV. Seeing the packing, many times we buy a product without wanting it. The packaging technology is used by companies for good packing. In this context, the career of the packaging industry is being considered as an emerging field, so if you are thinking about a new or emerging career, then it can be a great option. The special thing is that students of any stream can make a career in this field. Courses and studies are not expensive for this.

There are currently 2500 unorganized sectors in the country, which require different packaging units for each product being manufactured, i.e every small production unit needs the logo of the packaging industry. As the number of companies in the organized sector will increase, employment opportunities will also be created in this sector. Currently the packing market in the country is about $ 473 million. This market of India is the fourth largest packaging market in the world. These are all indications that the coming time is highly optimistic in terms of Rogjar in the cooking industry.

Understanding of designing software is necessary

Attractive design, size-type, preservation techniques, product safety, target audiences such as all aspects have to be taken care of. For this, understanding of science and technology is very important. Most candidates are selected from this subject. Apart from this, it is considered beneficial to have an understanding of design, especially understanding of designing software. It is important to understand the requirements of the product for how the packing should be.

The need of the product i.e. its system, shelf life, means of transport, how far it has to reach is important to know many cars. After this it is decided what kind of packing should be done. Apart from all this, it also has to take care of changes in the market demand, production cost and balance of environment. There are many legal barriers which have to be taken care of while working.

The challenge
A customer does not buy a product after seeing any item, often he chooses the product after seeing the packing. In this sense, packing not only works to keep the product safe, but also to attract customers’ attention. Each product in the market requires different packing. For this, a technique is required that can reach the product in good condition to the customer. All the features from the branding of the packing product to its shelf life are necessary.

Experts believe that the packing tells the product directly, simple and attractive to the customers, so its design, color and size are such that attract the customers to choose it among the crowd of products. Packing is also very important for its transportation and safety. Protective material and advanced packing done in order to get the product in good quality as soon as the customer opens the packing.

The wages
After the packaging course, the companies offer an average package of 3-4 lakh rupees annually in the initial phase. After this, like other sectors here, the salary has increased due to work and experience. The allowances during training and internships are also up to about 25 thousand rupees.

In this, except for B.Tech, most of the courses are of diploma and PG diploma level, so it is necessary for the student to graduate in this course, whereas the admission in B.Tech course is available only after 12th.

Major course

  • B.Tech in Packaging Technology (4 Years)
  • Certificate Program in Packaging (3 Months)
  • Distance Education Program in Packing (1 Year 6 Months)
  • Diploma in Packaging (3 Months)
  • Intensive Course in Packaging (3 Months)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging (2 Years)

Premier institute

  • Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Apparel Made, Kam Koti Marg, New Delhi
  • S.I.E.S. School of Packaging Technology Center, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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