Once popular among youth as a part time career option, the BPO sector has now changed its picture. Youngsters see this as an opportunity to enhance their personality with a fulltime career. This is the reason why the Government of India is engaged in its expansion in view of the vast employment potential in the BPO sector. The government implemented IBPS (India BPO Promotion Scheme) and NEBPS (North East BPO Promotion Scheme) under its Digital India program. It aims to generate employment for youth in remote areas.

The special thing is that the BPO sector gives graduate students of any discipline a better chance of career-building. The work culture here conforms to international standards, giving the youth many opportunities in their professional life. With the expansion of BPO services, employment opportunities have also increased here.

Jobs are given in this sector only so that you can work for other companies. BPO means Business Process Outsourcing means offering services for another company. These companies may be associated with content writing, or medical transcription. This company may also have software programming or HR and financial services. Here technical or non-technical professionals offer their services to the company according to the need of domestic and foreign customers.

50% increase in BPO services
Countries like America and Britain, due to skilled and cheap workers, get most of their work done from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries of Asia. About 56 percent of the world’s total BPO market is in India. Certainly the BPO sector in India is growing. A 54 percent increase in revenue has also been registered. Last year, Indian BPO services have registered a growth of 50 percent.

Career Counselor Adarsh ​​says that the field of BPO is suitable for the students who leave the college immediately, because it brings a lot of personality to their personality. While on the one hand they learn communicative arts from different people, on the other hand they become professionally mature. Nevertheless, there is a limit to move forward in this field, after which the youth have to work hard to get into many management level jobs.


Typically where work is done in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector like data entry, processing, technical support, KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) has a lot of options like Research and Development, Business and Market Research, Network Management, Medical services etc. While special education is required to go to KPO, basic education in BPO also works.

Check these things for job:

Better opportunities for bilinguals: Hundreds of companies in the BPO services sector in India are offering their services to foreign countries in various foreign languages. Therefore, for employment in this sector it is necessary to have a better grip on English language with graduation degree. Some areas require different qualifications for BPOs. For example, educated youth in medical or technology related field get special advantage in getting jobs. Since foreign companies have to work related to business activities, it is better to have knowledge of many languages. .

An understanding of English is important: Experts believe that in most BPOs there is no specific discussion at the time of job application. Generally, only the candidate’s hold on the English language is tested.

If experienced: If you want to get a job in a fresher BPO or KPO, then they should find a job as a process executive. If the candidate has good experience in the field of IT, then they can find jobs in departments like Research and Analytics, Legal Services, Operation Management, Content Management, Data Analytics in BPO or KPO sector.

Salary also motivates
The BPO industry has remained at a constant height, so the salaries in this sector are also good. In the beginning of the job in the BPO sector in India, you get 15000 rupees per month. It grows with experience.

Opportunities on Foreign Soil

There is also a chance to work abroad while working in BPO. The reason is that most BPO companies also have offices abroad. Where the company sends some of its employees from time to time. In this way work opportunities are also created abroad.

Challenges in this Field:

It is difficult to create a synergy between work and personal life. This is often due to the need to stay in the job until early morning or late night. Work-experience in the BPO sector is not particularly beneficial in any other profession. It is believed that due to automation, demand for more competent people will increase here.

Some of the major BPO employers include companies like Genpect, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, WNS Global, HGS. She examines some special things during the interview, which include-

General Written Test: It tries to understand your English and learn a little bit about mathematics.

HR Screening: In this, the HR officers of the company test the candidate through group discussion.

Voice and Accent Round: Your voice is tested in this round. Improvements or characteristics are discussed.

Salary: Considering your talent in this round, there is talk on how much salary can be earned.

Keep in mind that in the opening round of the interview, ‘Tell us about your self’ i.e. tell something about yourself? As questions are asked. The answer should not be larger than 4 to 5 lines, which should not take more than a minute to tell.

Some questions that will be asked

‘ Tell about you?.

What is BPO and how does it work?

– Is there any problem in working in ‘night shift’?

What is off noise outsourcing?

– What is the difference between in bound and out bound call centers?

– Why do you think BPO is the right career option for you?

– Would it not be difficult for you to explain to customers on the phone?

– Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

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