About Central University of Gujarat

Central University of Gujarat is a University established under the Act of Parliament, Central Universities Act, 2009 by Government of India at Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Central University of Gujarat is one prominent among the total Central Universities in the country and contributes a lot to the education standards of the country.

The University is managed by a team consists of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Deans, Registrar, Finance Officer, Controller of Examination, Proctor, Dean of Student Welfare and Provost. Prof. Y K Alagh is the Chancellor and Professor S.A. Bari is the Vice Chancellor of Central University of Gujarat.

The below added are the main faculty of studies in the Central University of Gujarat

  • School of Social Sciences.
  • School of Language, Literature & Cultural Studies.
  • School of International Studies.
  • School of Chemical Sciences.
  • School of life Sciences.
  • School of Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • Special Centres (Centre for Nano Sciences &Centre for Library and Information Science)

With the above said schools of studies the Central University of Gujarat has approximately 21 departments which covers almost all the areas of education and research. The Central University of Gujarat is following Semester System unlike many other Universities who follows year wise system which has made the area of study much easier and given with choices for the students to diversify their area of education.

The Central University of Gujarat has got Choice Based Credit System in short known as CBCS, which makes the learning much flexible and easier. The main facilities of the University are Central Instrumentation Facility, Central Library, Wi-fi and ICT Facility, Hostel Facility, Health Facility, Earn While You Learn Scheme, Canteen& Transport Facilities and many more to add on.

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