Complete List of Governors of Reserve Bank of India

Today we have taken a new lesson to tell you about a full list of RBI governors from 1935 to 2016. This is the very important point to know about the current Governors of RBI and who was in the Past.  As we would like to inform you that the chief executive of India’s central bank is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India and all Indian Rupee currency notes are issued by the RBI Governor’s signature. The Governor working time of period typically runs for 3 years. Raghuram Rajan was the last governor of RBI and he is going back to academia after completed his three-year term as governor of Reserve bank of India. Present governor of RBI is Shaktikanta Das.

Here we have mentioned all the list of Governors from 1935 to 2016===>>

Name of Members



Working Days

Urjit R. Patel 4-Sep-16 Incumbent 17 days
Raghuram Rajan 4-Sep-13 4-Sep-16 3 years, 0 days
D. Subbarao 5-Sep-08 4-Sep-13 4 years, 364 days
Y. V. Reddy 6-Sep-03 5-Sep-08 4 years, 365 days
Bimal Jalan 22-Nov-97 6-Sep-03 5 years, 288 days
C. Rangarajan 22-Dec-92 21-Nov-97 4 years, 334 days
S. Venkitaramanan 22-Dec-90 21-Dec-92 1 year, 365 days
R. N. Malhotra 4-Feb-85 22-Dec-90 5 years, 321 days
Amitav Ghosh 15-Jan-85 4-Feb-85 20 days
Manmohan Singh 16-Sep-82 14-Jan-85 2 years, 120 days
I. G. Patel 1-Dec-77 15-Sep-82 4 years, 288 days
M. Narasimham 3-May-77 30-Nov-77 211 days
K. R. Puri 20-Aug-75 2-May-77 1 year, 255 days
N. C. Sen Gupta 19-May-75 19-Aug-75 92 days
S. Jagannathan 16-Jun-70 19-May-75 4 years, 337 days
B. N. Adarkar 4-May-70 15-Jun-70 42 days
L. K. Jha 1-Jul-67 3-May-70 2 years, 306 days
P. C. Bhattacharya 1-Mar-62 30-Jun-67 5 years, 121 days
H. V. R. Iyengar 1-Mar-57 28-Feb-62 4 years, 364 days
K. G. Ambegaonkar 14-Jan-57 28-Feb-57 45 days
Benegal Rama Rau 1-Jul-49 14-Jan-57 7 years, 197 days
C. D. Deshmukh 11-Aug-43 30-Jun-49 5 years, 323 days
James Braid Taylor 1-Jul-37 17-Feb-43 5 years, 231 days
Osborne Smith 1-Apr-35 30-Jun-37 2 years, 90 days

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