Often we ask questions to ourselves or others that “Graduate is done, what to do now”. Everyone has different opinions in this answer, but the person who succeeds in the field gives the opinion of that area but you should choose your favorite subject. After Graduation, the objective of the students of Engineering and Medical is to make them Engineer, Doctor, Nurse or Post Graduation in the field related to their field, but there are a lot of options for the students getting Graduate in Arts which are sometimes troublesome. There are also reasons.

Generally, students of art classes start looking for jobs after Graduation which is not enough. In the current round of competition, your future cannot be good with only Graduation, for this you must also do Post Graduation in a right field. Only after Graduation, no one will give you more than 10 thousand per month in private jobs in India and you will not be able to earn more than 50 thousand per month due to lack of lifetime Graduation. If you want to earn more than this, then you have to do Post Graduation in the right direction in art class.

The major subjects of art class are History, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Home Science, Philosophy and Language, along with them, Geography, Anthropology, Art and Social Work etc. are such topics which have been getting connected in the course of time. Compared to other faculties, where the art class does not have much importance in the professional fields, the students who are eager to go to the administrative areas give priority to this class. That is, the importance of the Faculty of Arts cannot be underestimated compared to Science and Commerce. Let us see if a student can reach the art class.

1- History 
The main subject of the Civil Services test takers is history, which not only gives them the main subject but also helps in the general knowledge paper. In addition to teaching and research, archaeologists [historians], numismatists [who make history from objects obtained during mining operations], Musicology Archivist [keeping permanent records of historical importance], mass communication and international research work can make future in various places Is Epigraphists play a key role in reinterpreting history.

Archaeological Survey of India, Indian Council of Historical Research, National Museum and National Archives of India are among the organizations that provide jobs to students connected with history. Students of History subject of Graduation can choose subjects like History of Arts, Musicology, Conservation and Restoration of Works of Arts in Post Graduation in addition to Ancient, Medievil and Modern History. After doing Post Graduation in the field of history, you can get a good Pay scale in these areas so that you will feel proud of the art class.

2 – Economics
The confluence of science in the arts is Economics. This subject is also a favorite subject of those students of the Faculty of Arts who want to give examinations of various State and Central Civil Services. This subject is a subject on the basis of which jobs can be obtained in both Public and Private Sectors. On the basis of Post Graduation in Economics, one can apply for Indian Economic Services and Reserve Bank Services. Like other subjects, it can also be specialized in various fields, among them Labor, International, Business, Industrial, Financial and Agriculture Economist.

After Post Graduation Economics is usually in every college and university and General Economics in Post Graduation is in every university but subjects like Indian Culture and Economics, Business Economics, Agriculture Economics and Industrial Economics are taught only in select universities. Students studying Economics on Graduation and Post Graduation are also very successful as Management and Financial Analyst. Abundant Jobs are available for Economics in Industry, Bank, Business, Education and Research work.

3- Anthropology
Anthropology is the history and current science of human upliftment in the changing environment of cultural and social form. Anthropology is the study of the effect on human being due to change over time in various geographical, cultural and social forms in the world. Only a few universities have courses in Anthropology on Graduation and Post Graduation. The branches of anthropology on the basis of which jobs can be obtained – Applied Archaeological, Linguistic, Physical and Socio Culture is Anthropology. Students and students associated with this subject also make their future in Non Government Organization.

4 – Psychology
The science of applying mind to understand the mind is psychology. By understanding human nature from psychology, its problems can be solved, that is why the need of psychology is very high. Even students of Homeopathy up to here B.H.M.S. After wishing to take a course in psychology. Psychology in general is divided into three main parts, but it has many forms on the basis of functions like Clinical, Vocational, Development, Industrial Organization and Marketing, Social Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Criminology etc.

Educational institutions, rehabilitation centers, social upliftment offices, jails, hospitals, professional institutes, various selection boards, research institutes etc. require psychologists. Psychology is taught at Graduation and Post Graduation level in almost all universities. Although Psychology in Post Graduation is a must have Psychology subject at graduation level but there are some problems where it is not mandatory for Post Graduation, Diploma course or other course. The speed with which problems are increasing in the society and increasing stress due to them will greatly increase the need of psychologists in the coming time.

5 – Social Work Sociology
There are many areas of work where social workers play their important role, including social evils, social problems, mental anguish, unemployment, legal quarrels. This topic originated from Smajshastra has today made its own identity. This course is available in various universities called BSW, MSW or BA / MA in social work. There are many fields including hospitals, government institutions, prisons, social institutions, intensive education institutions, organizations of the United Nations, industrial and corporate sector institutions. Where the student associated with this subject can improve his future in the society and also improve his future. There is separate money for these works in the budget of the Center and the States.

So friends, you saw that there is no dearth of options in the Faculty of Arts, just you have to plan and choose the subject. In addition to the above subjects, there are many subjects but it is not possible to take them all at once} Students of art class can go to students and also in many fields like Business Management, Advertising, Public Relations, Hotel Management, Library Science etc. Apart from these, there are many fields including Army, Intelligent Services, Airlines, Politics, Computer and many other fields where students of art class can make their future.

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