Do you want to work with someone who knows how to do his work very well but is not sociable. Or would prefer to work with someone who has good habits but is not so sure in work. Most people will say that they would like to work with a sociable person because the work will be learned gradually.

If you are also a person of the first category (who is expert in his work but not so comfortable in conversation) and this thing is worrying you, then do not panic. A report by Forbes mentions some soft skills that you can make yourself a friendlier person than before. Let us know what those soft skills are:

Listening to others listening

‘Listen first, then speak’. The best habit is to listen to others. Because when you listen then you learn. If you are such a person who is preparing his answer in mind while listening to others, then leave this habit today. While listening to others, put your phone aside, talk in their eyes. Speak only when you have heard their entire talk. Listening to others helps you understand them better by listening.

Take care of your attitude

All of them know how important it is to be a good speaker to become a leader. But with colloquialism, you should also keep your gestures fine. While talking to others, keep in mind all the things like your facial expression, body pose. Because if you say something else and your eyes will say something else, people will believe your eyes more than you. Also, it is very important that while talking to others, you should not let him realize that you are not interested in his words.

Adopt change

We all know that changes are a part of life. Not all days are the same, things change. Despite this, we are not able to accept change easily. Whether a colleague from the office has gone or has come, we cannot handle all these things, the location change of office. To handle all these situations, talk to yourself or talk to your friends, keep calm. It takes some time to get things right.

Say thank you

Please say thank you. You must have heard how many times before that people should speak thank you, whether it is big or small. Similarly, in your office, your juniors and seniors should learn to speak thank you. This will not only reflect your professionalism, but will also bring humility to your business. Speaking Thanks will increase both Motivation and Unity in your team. You can do a job with good skills, but you will get both success and happiness in working with soft skills.

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