Once upon a time it meant opening a business – to produce something and establish its foothold in the market. But today new forms of business have developed, in which it is not necessary that you are taking the original work of production. If you look closely around you, you will see most of the businesses, which are working as a platform to sell goods made by someone else or provide services related to them and are earning a lot.

In this type of business, neither do you have to invest much like the original business, nor do you have to raise more stuff. It is here that your Networking, Managerial skills and Creativity to present things in a new way. Through this business, the Entrepreneur is actually in the role of a Service Provider or Service Manager and sells goods or services produced by someone else on his network. So, know about some such businesses, which have a good chance of earning without directly associated with business production.

1 – Cab Services

There was a time when people had to buy three-four old vehicles before starting the business of cart rental. Today, many such applications have come on Computer or Mobile Based, where a Service Provider arranges for taxi drivers, auto drivers or other vehicles of an area by arranging them on the basis of Service Booking. In this, the Service Provider looks from your Booking to the car supply.

2 – Dress Services
Dresses business is a business that never falls into recession. In such a situation, taking advantage of the huge Demand, many people have started buying and selling good clothes in bulk. These people start their business from home and also by opening the store. Success in this business cannot be fully anticipated until you understand the rapidly changing fashion and public demand.

3 – Designing Services

The service of designing makes you the owner of a business where your art is your income. You do not have to produce anything here, but you must definitely put creative designs in your mind. These business related to Designing Service can also be of Interior Designing and also of Fashion Designing. They can also be the designers of Venue, while the designer of jewelry too.

4 – Dealing Services

Even though the work of the dealership has now passed for a long time, but the increasing demand of property and the desire for new vehicles present in the people has helped this business to flourish. Your strong network of operators can establish you in the business of property dealing. The same dealers can also earn good money by becoming sellers of old vehicles on-line or offline.

5- Shopping Services

Trend of E-Shopping has given a boost to this service and this service especially to E-Shopping. Today, E-Bazaar has opened for shopping on the Internet too, in which there are many platforms where the available items of this portal do not have their own production. He is promoting the products and services of fixed stores through his portal and in the middle is earning a fixed income on commission basis. In this way, small and big portals exist on the internet, where people buy products from many brands sitting at the same portal.

6 – Shifting Services

It is no longer a matter of anyone to take time out for the heavy work like shifting of house between the run of busy work life. In this case, either you have to take a holiday in the name of Shifting or you have to let your house be spread for months. Businesses that help in shifting in this situation are nowadays in special Demand. These people with Shifting Services pack all your belongings at home and after reaching a new place, they also set it.

7 – Floral Services

With the increase in the number of offices, the demand for Floral Services has also increased. The number of private and official ceremonies has increased considerably compared to the earlier. Flowers are specially used in decorations in all these places and Floral Service Provider Fool is purchased from wholesale wholesalers and supplies them in designer style. Depending on the Booking Order of the Events and in the Offices, this supply is based on the contract.

8 – Cooked Food Services
In order to provide food services, it is also necessary that you get your food prepared by yourself or open your own restaurant. Today, these Service Providers who provide food services on demand basis, keep a tieup with selected cooks or restaurants in their network and get them ordered based on commission or any other income model. These people often keep the system of both delivery and payment in their hands.

So you can start a good business by doing business without producing these too, which you can get popular by moving to Large Scale in future, then Friends, in which business you are attracted towards all these business.

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