The lockdown has also impacted the income of schools. In the capital schools, parents have reduced the fees, due to which the collection of schools has decreased significantly from April to June. Due to lack of money, schools are also facing problems in paying their staff. However, the parents association says that the lockdown has also hit the parents, so they are facing trouble in paying big fees of the schools.

In a survey by private schools organization, 170 schools have been asked about their fee collection from April to June. Apart from this, they have also been asked about the problem they are facing due to non-payment of fees. In response to which most of the school administration said that due to non-payment of fees, there is a problem in getting the salary and maintenance work of the staff.

Bharat Arora, secretary of the Action Committee, an organization of private schools, says that we had surveyed about the income coming to schools and their problems. In which there has been a steady decrease in fee collection of schools. Whereas after the government directive, the parents have to pay only tuition fees till the time of lockdown. The schools are facing trouble in not getting the money, while giving teachers salary. Therefore, appealed to all parents to pay monthly fees to schools. The fees of the students have come 10 percent less in April than in May and less in June.

SL Jain, director of Mahavir School, says that the collection of fees has come down drastically. Which we are worried about. There are online classes for students even during lockdown. For this, teachers have to work harder than regular class. From making PPT, they have to use graphs and other medium for online studies. Parents are not even explaining why they are not paying the fees.
Another school principal says that the Delhi government has only asked for tuition fees. He is also asked to pay a fee of one month instead of three months simultaneously. There should not be any kind of trouble in this situation. Another principal says that confusion has been spread among the parents as to why pay the fees when the school is not open. While online classes have gone on and we have to pay teachers. If some parents have also suffered financial problems due to lockdown, then we are ready to give them immediate exemption.

Lockdown hit parents’ income too
President of the All India Parents Association, Ashok Agarwal, says that the lockdown has also hit parents. He is unable to pay the hefty fees of private schools. Many people have their salaries cut or have been fired. I am getting a large number of complaints everyday that the parent is struggling with financial constraints but is asking for school fees. He told that the school is asking for money from a child who did not go to school for a day after admission in nursery.

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