Telecom industry is opening new doors of possibilities for youth seeking good jobs. According to a report recently, about 40 lakh new jobs will be created in the Indian Telecom Industry in the next five years. We are giving information about the career options available in the telecom industry and related courses for joining it.

In the aftermath of economic liberalization, there has been a big change in the nature of the telecom industry, especially Telecommunication Engineering gave a new wing to the dreams of the youth. With its launch, the scope of work area also increased rapidly. The sector has created new employment options from city to village, breaking the geographical system.

In general it can be said that Telecommunication Engineering is an important branch of electronic engineering. Transmission, Digital Signal, Network related work can be easily done by combining many principles of its communication. This area is different from many traditional branches of engineering.

Information related to Telecom Industry

The telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India, that is why India has become the second largest telecommunication market in the world. In the last two decades, this industry is developing at the rate of 35 percent and in the coming five years there is a possibility of 40 lakh new jobs in this sector. These jobs will be created mainly as technicians, engineers and maintenance service providers. These figures are also backed by the fact that the smartphone market was estimated to have grown by 171 percent last year, which has now increased.

When can you do the course

Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma and PG Diploma offers all kinds of courses, students are required to pass 12th examination with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) to get admission in four year Bachelor’s course whereas two year BE / B.Tech in the same Stream for Post Graduate Course. Degree is sought, diploma and P.G. diploma courses are mostly of one or two years.

Knowledge of both theory and practical

All the courses related to telecommunication provide both practical and theoretical information to the students. In their course, designing, installing, testing, repairing etc. of network system can be started with skill. Information related to software development, telecom marketing, network management, network security is also given during the course.

Skills That Make Successful

Being a technical course, students are required to develop a variety of technical qualities within themselves} Along with this, qualities like Communication Skills, Team Work, Computer Hardware and Software, Technical Writing help professionals from time to time. This work demands hard work and is full of challenges, so professionals should not back down from hard work. Sometimes it takes more time to do a work, so it is necessary to take the quality of patience.

Employment prospects

Due to the growth of the telecom industry year after year, the possibilities of employment in it are also spreading rapidly. After successful course, professionals get employment in Telecom Industry, Mobile Phone Service Provider, Software Development Sector, Railways etc. as Software Engineer, Test Engineer Customer Support Staff, Product Distributes, Power Reactor Operator, Design Developer.

Degree help

During the course related to Telecom Industry, students are made aware of the nuances and are introduced to many complex devices. After completing the course, when professionals go to the field, then practical knowledge is very useful. There is a lot of opportunity for professionals related to marketing, product, network in the telecom industry. Today, every kind of service like money transfer, phone banking, SMS is becoming available in the country, so there is no dearth of possibilities in it. Today almost 80 percent people have mobile in their hands. All this has been possible due to the expansion of the telecom industry. After 2G, 3G, now 4G is an indicator of the growth of the industry.

Guarantee of a better life

In this, the salary of professionals depends on a lot of institutions and qualifications. In the initial phase, they get about 10-15 thousand rupees per month. After two to three years of experience, this salary increases to 25-30 thousand rupees per month. There are many professionals whose packages are in lakhs annually, whereas professionals abroad get attractive packages.

Course expenses

The fees for courses related to telecom are charged according to the semester. A big difference is seen in the fees of private and government institutions. Private institutions have higher fees than government institutions. Usually this fee is 15-17 thousand rupees per semester. This fee is updated every year.

Work in which sectors

Defense Sector – In this, apart from companies related to telecommunications, you can also step forward in defense sector. In the Air Force, Navy, Army, State Force etc. also, time and time there are jobs going out for its experts.
Telecom companies – Due to the ongoing competition among mobile companies for each consumer, attractive packages are being made available to the qualified persons in the telecom sector. After doing a course related to telecom, you can start a career in mobile companies as Project Manager, System Engineer etc.

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