How to study in the exam about which you have to take different tips so that your attention can be focused. Many students ask me that “Padhai Kaise Kare” how to study should be included in the merit. Some students ask that Study “Kaise Kare pass” the first grade and some students only ask that “Pareeksha Me Pass Kaise Ho Jaaye” | You also get to hear these three types of questions so that you will understand which category the student belongs to. Apart from this, will have many questions before you.

I know everything but number less?
Scared while I study
Does my attention wander while studying?
I want to study but i can’t read anything
I just have to pass
I do not understand the teacher’s education in class?
I study but forget all in the exam?

By the way, all these questions are asked by the students studying in class below class 12 and then the students study with self churn. Friends, I believe that to get a pass till 8th, you will not need any study tips because generally all the students who pass up to class VIII pass and study tips have no meaning for them. After entering class 9th, the student usually becomes aware of the studies and for those who are not conscious, the same question keeps wandering in his mind that “Pareeksha Me Pass Kaise Ho Jaaye”.

If the students of class 9th and class 10th study diligently for 3 hours every day, then it is not a big deal for them to attend the merit. After coming in 9th class your brain starts to develop automatically and you are able to take your decision. For this reason, students who know their position often go to Coaching. Friends, I believe that if a student goes to Coaching for 9th or 10th class then he is a weak student because there is no need to go to Coaching in these two classes.

After entering class 10, the student’s mind develops further, which gives him the ability to take decision. After passing class 10, the student who understands his ability goes in the right direction, otherwise most of the students walk sheep. After passing class 10, one has to choose a subject in which three people give you suggestions. First your parents, second your friends and third yourself.

Parents often want to see their children in the area which has more development even if the subject does not suit the student, due to which the educational development of many students stops. Just like most parents want their son to become an engineer or a doctor, for this, they provide science stream to their children, whereas the students have not been able to develop themselves in that area. I want to give an example of my own family to you people that I am Cousin who was weak from his childhood.

My Uncle also got him seeing the development in Science and seeing other children of the family developing in this field, but he passed the Science Stream with only Passing Marks. When I asked him, he had clearly said that “Father forcefully got science, I wanted to take Arts”. You will find many examples around you like this.

After passing the 10th we can also make another mistake that we go in the crowd. Like if 8 out of my 10 friends took Science or Commerce, then I will also take Science or Commerce even though I am not interested in both these subjects. The first reason for this is that your friends brainwash your mind about science or commerce, so that you see nothing but these two subjects. The second reason is that he is your best friend with whom you do not want to leave him and think that together he will go to school and do ash. No further person’s opinion is needed.

How to study “Padhai Kaise Kare” in 11th and 12th depending on the subject you have taken. Just as a science student is required to study 4 hours per day, a student of commerce is required to study for 2 hours a day and students of arts can only pass good marks even if they start studying 1 month before the exam. Science has two branches PCM and PCB. PCM means Physics, Chemistry and Maths and PCB means Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Regularity is very important for science students because if they do not study from the beginning of the session, then you will not be able to cover at the time of examination.

I suggest to science students that you may study any subject in the day, but you should get clear about it because no matter how much you study in science, but for those whose concept is not clear, Merit is far from the first. Ana will be difficult in the category. I myself have suffered that I had cleared Concept in Chemistry and Biology but my Concept in Physics was not clear whereas in this subject I also went to coaching which resulted in my lowest number in this subject. Students of science of 12 have the same exam study tips that they must clear the concept of what they read and if they do not understand, ask their teachers.

I cannot tell much about commerce because I am not from commerce myself, but most of my friends were from commerce, out of which only some friends have become CA. When I asked my friends of success mantra, they had told that they told that you have to pay more attention to theoretical as well as practical. If the students of commerce study diligently for 2 hours every day, then they can easily enter the merit. There is no need to tell Study Tips to the students of Arts as I believe that most of the students taking Arts aim to be Graduate or preparing for government exams. Many of my friends in the subject of Arts have taught above 80 percent only during exam days.
After passing the 12th standard, you usually graduate according to your subjects and most of these students really need Exam Study Tips because these students focus on the way to read more than studying any subjects. Let us tell you “Padhayi Kaise kare” its Study Tips.

1- Make Plan For Study
By the way, generally up to class 12, students adopt regularity in studies but after 12th they give up their regularity. I do not want to tell any other story but my own experience to you so that it will be easy for you to prepare for the exam. Talking about college, I had a problem that when I did not come to the exam time table, I would not even open the book. Although Concept was clear in many of my subjects, but I did not revision them.
Now when the time table came, then there was a fire in the body that “how the exam time table came so soon” “There is no preparation yet”. After thinking about all this, I used to make a study chart about which subjects to study first and how much time these subjects can be prepared. Friends, my study chart was so perfect that it seemed that I would top the college but the reality was different.

After following the Study Chart for 2-3 days, then I wandered aimlessly and it seemed that “Hey this is very easy, I will read the exam time only”. By doing this, 80 percent of Syllabus I will take the exam days. Used to give up and read 20 percent. Now as the exam approached, then I started getting nervous that the subjects in which I left 80 percent syllabus became mountains. Now a day before the exam, you used to start sweating how to cover Syllabus. Some of my friends were like me but some friends used to give more tension.

Now I used to gather a day before the exam and used to do black all night. I still used to sleep for 2 hours at night, but some of my friends used to get worse than that and they neither slept nor allowed them to sleep. Just like you used to give exams and it was a matter of honor that our Revision used to be better, due to which we used to pass, but you should not try this method at all because it can increase your stress. In our college, one student got sick due to high stress in one subject and could not even take the exam. If you complete your syllabus in time, you will not have much trouble.

Friends, I request all the students that you should continue your studies from the very beginning so that you can bring very good numbers by revision only during the exam days. Every day you are taught in college or school, come home every day and revision. For this, you will have to study with planning so that you can keep your mind fit by participating in other work along with studying daily. Read as much as you can and leave that time when you don’t feel like it. Keep your mind focused even if you don’t study for only one hour. Friends, if you study with Planing like this, then you will not have to study awake overnight like me.

2 – Exact Time of Study
Many students are confused about the right time to study, that they should study at night that they should study in the morning. Everyone has different mindsets in this subject. I and most of my friends had a habit of studying at night because at that time there is an atmosphere of peace and you can study in concentration. By the way, if the students can get up early in the morning, then the morning time is the most suitable because after sleeping at night your mind remains fresh so that whatever you read will sit in your mind. 4 to 6 is the best time in the morning.

I myself used to give importance to studying in the morning during school time because I remember it very well in the morning, but after getting into college, the habit got worse since then I am still nocturnal. Friends, it was a matter of normal days, but if you talk about the exam, then you read it on the morning of the exam because if we used to revision at that time, our memory will remain fresh till the exam, so that your good marks will come.

3- Make Notes
Friends, you will remember why homework was given during school time? We were given homework so that we could revision and do those questions with our own minds. Some children consider homework to be a big problem, but for those children who do homework with bravery, it is not difficult to pass any exam. When we come to college, we do not give any homework, so we have to do homework ourselves, which we call Study Notes.

By making study notes, you can easily remember difficult topics in your language. For example, we must have read the Periodic Table in class 10 or 12, in order to remember that we used to remember them in our language in such a way that even today, we remember them like “Heelina’s Rab Se Fariad” which means up in the Periodic Table Below it was H, He, Li, N, K, Rb, Cs, Fr which was easy to remember. Similarly, through notes, we can study in our language so that we do not have to memorize the typical language of books. Study Notes was my biggest weapon in studies and I advise all students to study through Study Notes.

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