Integral Coach Factory

Integral Coach Factory is Chennai Based and is one of the arch manufacturer unit of Indian Railway for built-up of coaches for the passengers travelling by Indian Railway.  Integral Coach Factory was reputable post-independence for the production of light weighted, steel and folded passenger coaches in Indian Railway. Integral Coach Factory came into existence in the year 1955 in partnership with the Swiss. Initially they started with making 350 shells which was further expanded look at the progress making it to 750 completely equipped coaches every year. Looking at the phenomenal growth in the year 1991 the numbers went to 850 coaches every year. End-wall has been structured specially to give tough to safeguard the passengers travelling. Every year special focus is given to the security of the passengers and high speed. Integral Coach Factory monitors standard process for examination of the raw material being used and outcome of the final product which is their coach.

Integral Coach Factory have engraved their place in Indian Railway by repetitively refining the superiority of the travel over its passengers. Integral Coach Factory has seen a balanced growth in terms of the quality and the quantity of final product. It’s been concluded by the passing years Integral Coach Factory strived to fulfil the demands of the passengers through modern amenities like,  usage of stainless steel in the pantry van, cushioned seats, modern toilets in passenger coaches.

This was made possible only because of Integral Coach Factory’s pledge to advancement and upgrading their workers operating skills by giving them a good work culture and condition to work.

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