In the last few days, many students had asked me to explain about Pharmacy in detail and it was not possible for me to answer each of their comments equally, so today I will tell you in detail about Pharmacy so that any student There should be no objection in the way of the carer. There are mainly two types of courses in Pharmacy B Pharma and D Pharma. Let us first tell you in detail about B Pharma first.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy, which is also called B.Pharma in short. B.Pharma is a four-year undergraduate course. After completing this course, you will get ‘Bachelor of Pharmacy’ degree. After getting this degree, you can practice Pharmacist in India or you can also go abroad. Students of Science stream, whether they are from Mathematics or Biology, are eligible for B.Pharma after passing class 12th. By the way, generally students of Biology prefer to go in Pharmacy line. Let me now tell you about B.Pharma in detail about basic introduction, course information, eligibility criteria, admission information, PG course and job.

Bachelor of Pharmacy Brief Introduction

The main function of a pharmacist is to provide medicines for the patients. This shows that in B.Pharma you have to study biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, physiology etc. After doing this course, the student has to be prepared to do different types of work in the pharmaceutical industry. By the way, the role of pharmacist in India is very limited, but their scenario abroad is completely different. The role of pharmacists in foreign countries is very important and they also get a lot of respect.

Course Details in Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate degree course that is four years old. B.Pharma’s four-year studies are divided into 8 semesters and every semester is six months. It is necessary to give a theoretical external examination to the students in every semester, which is called the main exam. Some semesters also have practical exam which includes subjects like hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy and community pharmacy.

Eligibility Criteria for Pharmacy

Any student of Science stream who has passed 12th board examination from PCM or PCB from a recognized institute is eligible to do this course. Many colleges give priority only to students with PCB.

Admission Process in Pharmacy

To enroll in Pharmacy, a student must pass at least 50 percent marks in PCM or PCB. Many institutes have admission on the basis of merit, in which the merit list is prepared on the basis of the marks obtained in the board exam. Apart from this, qualified students in many Deemed Universities and recognized private institutions get seats on the basis of marks obtained in entrance test.

B.Pharma Course Content Course Content

Although generally syllabus is different in all the colleges depending on the university, but still the subjects are the same in all the colleges, which change when the semester changes. The first year of B.Pharma consists of Human Anatomy, Physiology, Dispensing and General Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic and Physical) subjects. The second year consists of Health Education, Clinical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Molecular Biology, Mathematics.

In the third year, subjects are Industrial Management, Computer Applications, Pharmacology 1 and Chemistry of Natural Products. In the fourth and final year, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Analysis (Advanced), Pharmaceutics (Advanced) and Pharmacology are 2 subjects. In the fourth year you also have to submit a project work which varies from college to college.

D.Pharma Information

D.Pharma also known as Diploma in Pharmacy is a two-year diploma course. If you have to go in the field of pharmacy and you are short of time or if the financial situation is not right then D.Pharma is the best option for you. This is the minimum qualification required to become a Pharmacist in India. By the way, B.Pharma has more value, but if someone wants to do B.Pharma even after doing D.Pharma, then it can be possible. For this, you get admission in B.Pharma directly in the second year, which is called Lateral entry.

Post-graduate course PG Courses in Pharmacy

After completing the Bachelor of Pharmacy, many students wish to do Post Graduate, so to get a Master’s degree, those students have to go one step further to M.Pharma. M.Pharma which is called Master of Pharmacy is a two year PG course. Graduates can specialize in a particular field after doing PG course. After this, they can also go to more advanced courses like PhD and research. After doing Master of Pharmacy you can also make a career as a Lecturer. Many students also aspire to do business in this field by pursuing MBA.

Career Prospectus and Job Opportunities after Pharmacy

After B.Pharma, there is a lot of possibility of jobs in government and non-government institutions.

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