Youth Will Get New Direction Through Online Learning

Online learning courses have been started by various institutes of India to promote e-learning, but the government still needs to make several important reforms in this direction if considered by experts. Education experts have also indicated that with the promotion of Online Short Term Courses and Nano degrees, there will be many effective changes in this direction by 2020.With the increasing trend of Internet, the education industry has started moving towards a major change. Today, Online Learning has taken the form of a learning model in which it has become easier than ever for teachers and students to connect with each other. However, there is a shortage of computers and teachers working in many institutes. Despite this, experts believe that technologies like Online Learning, Small Private Online Courses and Mock will bring a new revolution in the field of education in the future.

2020 will bring new changes

Ryan Craig, author of the book The Great Unbundling of Higher Education, says that soon students will understand that a good job and a better future require knowledge rather than a degree. Due to this, the importance of online courses will increase to the students in the coming time. It is difficult to tell how long this change will take place, but there are indications that by the year 2020, changes will begin in this direction.

Nano degree courses will have importance

According to education experts, the government will have to plan to launch Enterprise Resources programs to promote digital education so that resources can be developed to make digital data friendly to students and teachers. At the same time, students of poor class will have to provide resources to join Mobile Learning. For this, universities and online startups will have to come together, as well as to promote Short Diploma and Nano Degree programs. Only by doing so will the right direction be provided to schemes like Digital India, Skill India and Make in India.

The need for E-content is increasing

Due to the increasing steps of students towards online learning, institutes will have to prepare Digital Courses to promote the content of E-Material, online courses. Moving in this direction, companies like Mercedes City and Google have started preparing Online Courses for students. Companies have started offering nano degrees to students in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, iOS or Android Development.

Education budget is not being used effectively

Experts have also focused on these figures that on an average 15-20 thousand rupees are spent on every student in the country every year. Even after this, the gross enrollment ratio of the country is less than 24 percent, 53 percent of the graduates and 89 percent of the engineering students are forced to remain unemployed. This number is in that situation when more than 35 crore population of the country is of the age group of 18-35 years. It is clear from these figures that since independence, 85 percent of the total education budget has not been used in the right direction.

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