Summer internship is going to start in colleges. For this, companies are going to different colleges and hiring the campus. Although there may be a recession-like atmosphere in the country, but the big companies of the country have started their preparations. Companies like Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Marico, Godrej, Dabur have started the process of campus hiring. These companies are making big offers to the students of B-school, engineering and top colleges of the country. Most companies are hiring for sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, manufacturing, operation and packaging development.

Apart from this, engineering majors have started campus hiring from big companies. Companies like Microsoft, Uber, HCL are offering better than best to students doing engineering from Indian Institutes of Technology. In this environment of recession, where students get jobs, it is also good for companies that good children are found in low offers.

Changing Environment:

There was a time when companies used to hire campuses only in colleges in big cities. Now companies are turning to small cities instead of big cities. New colleges have opened in small cities of the country, Infrastructure is good in these colleges. Students are also working very hard. Due to this companies are visiting these colleges for campus placement.

Companies also believe that they are hiring students as summer interns and management trainees. The low offer in which these students are getting them is also good for companies. Companies believe that when the economy recovers from the recession, then these students will become big investments for them.

Campus Hiring:

These companies have already started their preparations for campus hiring. If you are also final year students, then we are giving you some tips so that you too can be selected at the time of campus hiring. Most companies first take the Aptitude Test at Campus Hiring. It is also in writing and computer. You should have knowledge of everything related to your course, as well as keep an eye on what kind of changes are coming in the market.

Companies conduct group disruption during campus hiring. Companies want to see who deals with adversity. During this time companies assess your ability to take Quick Decision.

Communication Skill:

Your communication skills are seen in one-to-one. You should not hesitate to say your words. But this does not mean that you have to answer every question. Do not feel free to say what you do not know about.

Your nature should be very sweet. Whenever you talk to someone, you feel that yes you have a point. You can effectively explain your point to people, if your communication skill is good, your selection is fixed to a large extent.

Technology :

There should be no problem in working with technology. In today’s time, most of the work is done by computer, laptop, mobile. That is why it is important to be a Tech Savvy. Knowledge of social networking is necessary. Companies use them very much as a tool for marketing. Must use the app once. Many times companies also ask about these social networking apps.


What kind of clothes you are wearing is also very important. Although it depends on profession to profession, yet attention must be paid to the dress. When you get past these things then you are called for a meeting with HR. When you go to meet HR, get complete information about that company. Maybe HR would like to know your vision in taking the company forward.

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