अचूक नुस्खे जीवन में सफल होने के 

Who does not want success in today’s world? When a child is born, its parents start preparing the outline of their life so that they can become successful people in life. Many people say that any successful person was born with the luck of success from childhood, it is wrong to believe that. A person always succeeds by his actions. We often hear about great men, they were born in very poverty and despite that, they have done such feats in life which the world was stunned.

Friends, today I want to tell you that no man is poor in this world. A person is not born of poor karma but is poor with wealth. We can understand the meaning of poor for successful people in such a way that they have done something better in their lives than their childhood situations, due to which they have a name in the world. The Prime Minister of our country, Narendra Modi, whose father used to run tea shops and Narendra Modi himself used to sell tea, but if he does not move beyond selling tea and does poor, then he would never progress in his life. We should never be poor by our actions.

Dr. Abdul Kalam, who used to sell newspapers in childhood, would not have become a missile man if he did not go out for studies. If we want to be successful, then we have to get out of our realm and think of something that no one thought about. We may not be successful, but in life this sorrow will not be there, nothing has been done. I wrote about the biographies of many great men on this blog, whom I was very inspired to write. If my blog is successful or not, but I will not feel sad that I have reached the people.

I want to give a mantra to all of you to be successful that you should carefully read the biography of great men on our blog so that you will definitely get a mantra from the life of every great man. Apart from these, I want to recognize you as well as the success of Success Tips in Hindi, which is like this.

1 – Recognize your passion

Before you become successful, it is important to know what you mean for success. You will have to identify your passion or else you will go in the direction from which your passion will remain far away. Once you know your passion, then you can set your goal, for this you will have to ask yourself some questions.

How do you want to remember yourself in front of others?
How can you illuminate the name of your society with your work?
What do you want to give to people in your heritage?
Which subjects are interested in your life?

It will be difficult for you to grow without being recognized without passion. For example, cricket was a passion for Mahendra Singh Dhoni, due to which he left the ticket collector government job. Friends, imagine who would be the present person who leaves a government job. Dhoni had a passion that he would be able to do something in cricket, so he made such a big sacrifice. If we look at it from our point of view, if we are not successful in cricket, we will neither live at home nor at the ghat. But Dhoni’s passion took him on the path of success, so first of all, identify his passion.

2 – Make your goal 
If you know your passion then you will have to set goals for it or else you will stop on the way. Many people have a passion to do something, but they do not set their goals and fail. For example, if my passion is to become a doctor and if I am not able to pass the entrance exam, then what kind of passion is that? If I keep my goal in the entrance exam, then I will definitely succeed in reaching my goal.

3- Don’t make 3 khyali (dream) casserole
Today’s youth believe more in Pulayav than in hard work. Tell you a little story about Khayali casserole. Once a man buys eggs and starts selling them, when he gets his first income, he becomes very happy and goes on thinking along the way. If you get so much money from eggs today, I will buy eggs tomorrow, which will lead to chickens and they will have more eggs. In this way, I will open one egg shop and if there is any profit from it, then I will relax by opening two or three shops and I will hire others. In this way, many thinking of casserole, he gets a stumbling block, which causes all his eggs to fade and dreams are found in the soil. So instead of making Khayali casserole, live in reality and keep doing deeds.

4 – Complete your Education
Do complete your education because education only gives you a way to work. Many youngsters think what to do after studying more. Some businesses start, the time it takes to complete the study, the business will run in that time. But your thinking is wrong because the work which you could have made you skillful by getting higher education, you will never be able to make it skillful. Friends, I saw the most frustrated engineering students in this matter, who often kept saying that what we have done by doing engineering would have done some good work so far, it would have been difficult to get a good salary.

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