Teacher Jobs 2021

Teacher is a person who influences a lot to individual since childhood to adult, and even in professional life as another form of trainer. Profession of teacher always has been very respectful and rewarding. According to Hindu tradition teacher is next to God. Some of the famous teacher of the word has set themselves as role model for others, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Confucius, Galileo Galiee, Newton, and Pythagoras and in modern world Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnana from India are some most famous names.

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Even in Modern world teaching is also most demanding Job. Now days since very tender age kids are sent to play school and they needed a teacher and this process keeps going. A child interacts with a lot of teachers in school, college, private institute, professional training institute etc.

Role of a teacher is formal and ongoing. In many countries a person who wants to be a teacher must obtain specified qualification from a university or college.  A Person who facilitates teaching or training for an individual or a group is known as a tutor. A teacher’s job or duties may extend beyond formal teaching. Teacher accompanies students on field trips, supervise study halls, some time they also take care of discipline.

India has large number of teachers and need many more every year as per the increasing ratio of students. Like another countries India also have education system where its mandatory to meet with prerequisite before apply as a teacher especially in government affiliated schools or colleges. Most of the private schools, colleges and universities also follow the same pattern. There are several teacher training course in india, a individual can choose one of the following course as per the requirement and according to willing to teach a certain level.

Diploma in Nursery teacher training:  This course has been designed for young people who have aspiration to be a teacher and want to start their career as nursery teacher. This category of diploma has several courses as;

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training

Bachelor Degree in Pre and Primary Teachers Training

Masters Degree in Pre and Primary Teachers Training

Junior Basic training ( JBT) – To pursue this course individual must have completed 12th . This is a diploma level course. After successfully completion of this course student can start their career in schools imparting elementary education.  Some institute offer admission on the basis of academic performance and some colleges give priority on the basis of entrance exams and personal interview. Syllabus of JBT as prescribed by various universities and college is as follows;

Education in Emerging India, Understanding the child and learning process, Educational management at Elementary level, Educational Technology, Education for peace , Value, Environment and human rights, Teaching of Hindi, Teaching of social studies, Teaching of Environmental science, Teaching of mathematics, Teaching of English, Population education, Health and physical education ( PET/YOGA)  , Art Education and work experience ( Theory and practical ) . Along with these courses students have to go through school experience program and practical work as well.

This course is relevant for people;

  1. Who want to go for teaching profession at school level and have confidence, patience, ability to understand child’s psychology, managing capacity and good communication skills.
  2. Who are humane in behaviour and friendly with children.
  3. Want to run or operate their school or education centre.

B.ED – Bachelor of education is globally known diploma, it exists in most of the countries like North America, Australia, Bangladesh, Israel, India, India, Ireland, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka although criteria and course duration can vary.

In India this course is bachelor level degree and has duration of 3 years. Any student who is willing to join education industry and has interest to teach 10+2 level can go for this course. Minimum Qualification to go for this course is bachelor degree in arts (B.A.) or Science (B.S.C.).

Arts students are trained to teach subject like History, Civics, and Geography. Students from science stream get training to teach mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology. After completion of B.Ed students also go for masters in education or M.Ed from any Indian university or teacher training institute offering the course. The National Council for Teacher Education is the statutory body which regulating teacher training courses in India.

Responsibilities of a teacher – In India teachers are responsible for not only teaching but they have to perform various tasks related to classroom education and other co related activities like;

  • Preparing curriculum plan for entire academic session
  • Evaluating students’ progress and keep track of it
  • Maintain discipline in classroom and school
  • Engage students in extra curriculum activities.
  • Conduct parents teacher meeting and inform about students’ progress.

Qualities of a good teacher:

  • Good teacher is always very engaging and try to hold attention of students in all discussion in positive manner.
  • A good teacher establishes objective and targets of each chapter or topic and achieves those objective and targets.
  • A positive teacher has effective discipline skills and can mould students to develop those skills.
  • A good teacher always posses good communication and presentation skills.
  • Such type of teacher has thorough knowledge of the school’s curriculum and updated with required information related to subject.
  • They also have zeal to learn and keep making efforts to make habitual of learning new things to students.
  • A good teacher has ability to think out of box and develop same skills in students.

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