The University Grants Commission (UGC) said on Saturday that 194 universities in the country have conducted the examination of final year students. The UGC said that examination is an integral part of the education system. Through this, it is seen how much students have learned. This has been said towards the higher education regulator at a time when many states have protested against conducting university examinations in view of the increasing cases of Kovid-19. The Commission said that recently a status report was sought regarding contact with universities and conducting the examination.

According to the revised guidelines of UGC, it is mandatory for all colleges and universities to conduct UG and PG courses final year / semester examinations by September 30. Confusion has arisen in all the states after the revised guidelines. States like Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal have canceled it, expressing their inability to conduct the examinations.

UGC Secretary Prof. Rajnish Jain said that your performance in the examinations gives you a credibility for your whole life. This helps during admission globally. Apart from this, your performance in examinations is also important for scholarships, awards, placements.

Jain said, ‘If you look at other countries of the world, examinations have been conducted in every best university. You can look at universities in many countries including the US, US, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia. There students were given many options including online, offline, blended to take the exam. The examinations give credibility to the evaluation of students for a lifetime. From the examination itself, he will get the degree, due to which he will take further admission or take placements.

The UGC said that 560 universities have taken or are planning to take the final year exam either online or offline.

The UGC said in a statement that out of a total of 945 universities, it has received responses from 755 universities, including 120 deemed, 274 private universities, 40 central universities and 321 state universities.

UGC said, lack of examinations will raise questions on the validity of degrees, all states should conduct final year exam

The statement said that out of 755 universities, 560 universities have taken or are planning to take the exam either online or offline.

The commission said that 194 universities have already taken the exam through online or offline while 366 universities are planning to take the exam in August or September. The UGC said that in the case of 27 private universities to be established from 2019-20 till now, the first batch has not yet been eligible to appear for the final year examination.

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