On the second day of the PCS 2018 interview, the chairpersons and experts of the interview board asked the candidates many interesting questions. For example, a candidate was asked, what will you do if you are locked in a room for five days after giving you some stress? This question was in reference to the lockdown. At the same time, another candidate was asked whether Shri can be applied in front of the Chief Minister of UP. Experts also asked this candidate the birthplace of the Chief Minister.

A candidate was asked what is the feature of your personality that sets you apart from others. An interesting question in the link was that the person who forgets history makes history, how? On the second day, interview board experts asked more questions related to the reduced lockdown on Corona. There was a question about the lockdown, where is its provision and when was the lockdown before it? When one candidate was asked the difference between lockdown, curfew and section 144, another candidate was asked by the experts to explain the positive impact of the lockdown on the family. There were also questions about the relationship between domestic violence and lockdown and the type of domestic violence. On the second day 113 out of 116 candidates appeared in the interview.

Question asked on the encounter on the second day as well
The question was also asked on the encounter on the second day of the interview. The question was what are the shortcomings in the system that encounters are happening? One candidate was asked to count five shortcomings of the government. A candidate was asked a plan to control Corona.

– Chinese law was banned under which law?
– What was the innovation in Covid-19?
-What is the soul of the constitution?
– What is the difference between Governance and Government?
– What is the sex ratio?
– How has global warming affected you?
– How will India be self-sufficient?
If not selected, what will we do in future?
What is Artificial Intelligence, India can use it in which field?
– Suggest measures to improve education?
– What is Green Technology?
– What is the difference between green and organic technology?

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