For Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Combined Geo-Scientist & Geologist Examination Pattern details, candidates can check here.

UPSC Geo-Scientist & Geologist Exam Pattern


  • The main examination of Geologist is considered to be the written examination.
  • The General English paper is common in all the posts. Next the candidates have to appear for more 3 papers.
  • All the subject including these are in subjective type.
  • There are altogether 4 categories in the different posts.
  • In the category I Geologists there are 3 paper which are Geology paper 1, Geology paper 2 and Geology paper 3. The duration time provided to the candidates are for 3 hours and total of 200 marks question should be answered by the candidates.
S.No. Subject Duration Maximum Marks
1 General English (Common for All Category) 3 hrs 100
I. Category-I For the Post of Geologists
1 Geology Paper I 3 hrs  200
2 Geology Paper II 3 hrs  200
3 Geology Paper III 3 hrs  200
II. Category-II For the Post of Geophysicists
1 Geophysics Paper I 3 hrs  200
2 Geophysics Paper II 3 hrs  200
3 Geophysics Paper III 3 hrs  200
III. Category-III For the Post of Chemists
1 Chemistry Paper I 3 hrs 200
2 Chemistry Paper II 3 hrs 200
3 Chemistry Paper III 3 hrs 200
IV. Category-IV For the Post of Junior Hydrogeologist
1 Geology Paper I 3 hrs 200
2 Geology Paper II 3 hrs 200
3 Hydrogeology 3 hrs 200
  • In the category II Geophysics the 3 papers are Geophysics paper 1, Geophysics paper II and Geophysics paper III and the time duration and the marks are same.
  • In the category III Chemist the 3 papers are Chemistry paper I, chemistry paper II and the chemistry paper III for the same marks and duration.
  • In the category IV Jr. Hydro Geologists the 3 papers are Geology Paper I, Geology Paper II and Hydrogeology for 3 hours duration time and 200 marks.
  • Interview Round: The interview round is the last and final round. Once the candidate clears the written examination they will be called for the interview round. This round carries of 200 marks.

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